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Adopt A Meetup

1701 is a hub for Virginia Beach entrepreneurs, creatives, and artists. We get requests almost daily for free space to host local meetups in the community. These meetups are free for members of the community who just want to get together and improve their skills. And while we’d love to say yes to each and every one, it isn’t financially feasible to host every single one for free. Adopting these meetups would help us cover our costs to staff the building and provide snacks to give them a consistent and inspiring place to meet!

Code for Hampton Roads Civic Innovation Night
Figure Drawing Meetup
Operation Code
Virginia Beach Salesforce Developer Group
Virginia Beach Technology & Business Meetup
Virginia Beach Tabletop Game Meetup

Meetup sponsors will receive different benefits based on each group. If you’re interested in sponsoring a meetup, get in touch, and we’ll connect you with the group(s) that interest you.

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