meet the team

jeff werby

Idea hound. Coffee drinker. Technology expert. Navy veteran. Endless innovator.

lisa denoia

Problem solver. Business builder. Self-taught Salesforce expert. Avid beachgoer. Long-time National Park lover. On-and-off runner.

alyssa strackbein
Community operations manager

Community builder. Visual Artist. Creative Collaborator. Daydreamer. Cat mom.

Rebecca McCurdy
Community development associate

Bookworm. Yogini. Ailurophile.
Paracosmic artist. Extraterrestrial Twin. 

Joél Casanova
community development associate

Dancer-preneur. Spontaneous organizer. Unceasing believer. Storytelling wordsmith. Fluent in Emoji 🔥.




ARTISTS @ 1701

susan werby

Examining the world around her, Virginia Beach artist Susan Werby has found her passion by merging Photography with Art.

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Through her thoughtful artistic techniques, she creates fine art that makes one wonder if they are paintings. Striving to take the viewer with her to a magical world, Susan’s unique and fresh approach allows one to step in and look around.

Much of Susan’s art is local to Hampton Roads, created with her interpretative flair. Often inspired to go even further, she creates prose and poetry to accompany many of her works.

evan sokal

Evan’s work consists of a range of media dealing with depression, anxiety, and addiction through use of humor and pop culture aesthetics.

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Public Closets is a clothing business started in 2017 where I make Virginia based handmade shirts, hats, stickers and skateboard decks, also made to communicate a mentally healthy approach to life, with fun.

jeremiah kille
1701 mural

Jeremiah’s work is inspired by finality. Exploring themes of nature and coexistence, he employs a multitude of stylistic approaches which range from loosely abstracted to highly rendered objects.

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These differing image styles are generally coexisting in a single piece thus creating a juxtaposition of reality and surrealism. He is best known for his narrative work that depicts themes of disenfranchised circus elephants, yet this is only a portion of his already developed, and collected, body of work.

maple & belmont

Maple and Belmont is a design studio based in Norfolk, Virginia that specializes in hand lettering.

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We take pride in our knowledge of typography to influence our designs. We offer our own line of screen printed paper good and textiles. We also welcome the opportunity to work with clients on custom projects. To name a few, previous projects include: wedding suites, chalkboards, packaging design and logos. We’ve also recently added calligraphy to our skill set. We’re always interested in working on projects that push ourselves creatively so don’t hesitate to contact us if you think we’d make a good team!

Tara McDaniel

Tara is a fine art photographer that focuses in creative abstract, HDR, and nature.

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Tara McDaniel currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA. She has a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Photography from The Art Institute of Virginia Beach.

Mary Culling

Mary is a North End Virginia Beach artist. She draws her inspiration from the shore, the sea, and the sky.

kelsey witt

I have sold paintings in five states since I graduated and was able to fund my road trip across the United States by selling my artwork.

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I mostly work in acrylic but am currently working on a series in Sharpie marker. I’ve also recently completed some outdoor painted murals and indoor tape murals.

rebecca mccurdy

Though I have in the past thought of myself as a painter who writes, I now embrace myself as an artist working in whichever medium best embodies the narrative my twin and I have created together for the past fifteen years.

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Most recently working in watercolor and stop motion animation, I have investigated using meditation to access intuitive processes, and to manifest the corporeal and metaphysical beings in an alternative reality. Our “story” encompasses a parallel but similar universe to the one you and I appear to exist in right now, as well as the realm of the dead. Using humor and the every day alongside explorations of cosmic consciousness and myth-building, my twin and I have created a paracosm, which I channel into visual works in this world.

courtney Chetister

Courtney is a studio art major at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. Although she spends a majority of her time in Fredericksburg now, her home is in Chesapeake, VA. Her love for art began to develop in high school when she decided to take a photography class and discovered that art isn’t just doodles on paper.

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Now that she is a senior in college, Courtney looks back at her high school self, and is happy to say that her love for art and photography has only continued to grow since then. Her plan is to become a high school art teacher someday in the near future, and to inspire students like herself.

Jenny ditona

Jennifer Ditona is a documentary photographer and visual artist who grew up in Richmond, Virginia and is currently residing in Virginia Beach. She is an avid traveler who has lived in various states and traveled to multiple countries. Jennifer received her first undergraduate degree in Documentary Photography from The New York Institute of Photography. 

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 This was followed by her bachelor’s degree in Film Production with a minor in Journalism from Regent University. She recently received her MFA in Visual Arts from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. 
Jennifer interned with Truth With a Camera, a non-profit started by the Edom Foundation, in 2010 where she traveled to Mexico and Ecuador. She taught students how to go into different situations and document the lives of locals while respecting the community and the dignity of photography. Each of these trips culminated into exhibits that raised money for these communities. The exhibits were then brought back to the United States and displayed at The Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, Virginia.

karl greaves

Karl Greaves lives and works in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His work can best be described as abstract hybrids of varying styles. He describes his working method as: “Spontaneous explorations.”

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Sometimes there is a concept; most often, there is just a discovery of what happens in the working moments. In essence, the work is an exploration of possibility and an inner visual color vocabulary. The image concepts are constructed in the interest of inventing. As a result, the images engage to stimulate and project as conversation pieces. So… there you have it.  ORIGINAL Acrylics Paintings by Karl Greaves – Not Reproduction. Mindtheatre Studio. All rights reserved.

bobby sharon

I started taking lessons at the age of 15 under the direction of Chris Coe. I painted landscapes and still life in oils. I continued to paint through high school and into college although less frequently. Now at the age of 56 I am painting more that my daughters are grown and I have more time on my hands. 

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My current style is defined as “linear organic” by a local artist viewing my work at my first official show recently. The assessment seems to fit! This style is a result of my 32 year career in architecture and my love of nature and structure found in nature. I hope all enjoy and I welcome positve feed back.


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tech moonshine

Mobile owns the world. Everywhere you look, mobile is there. You read it as you eat, it tracks how you sleep, it is how you talk to everyone in your life. Herein lie many of the pieces of my mobile experience. From my thoughts to what I see, join me as I make sense of all this newfangled technology. I am a proselytizer, husband, father, developer. Sometimes a mobile photographer. Always ironically curious.