Each month we spotlight a different member to get to know them better! This month we are spotlighting 1701 Member, Tim Ritter.


Where are you from? How did you end up in Hampton Roads?

 Born at NAS near Memphis, grew up in Missouri, lived in Duluth MN and a few parts of Indiana as well before coming here about 4 1/2 years ago to serve as a family pastor.


What do you do? How did you get started?  

We are working toward launching a new experience to both entertain and positively impact families in our area, as well as visitors. The Family Fun Xperience is being developed as a live theatrical show, with an inspiring story filled with highly interactive elements that help you and your kids become part of the show.

Tell us what you want people to know about you and your business. What can we and the community do to help you?  

Sign up at FFXshow.com to get on our mailing list and be the first to hear about previews and special events this fall, and if you know anyone with good acting experience we are still working on initial casting as well.


What brought you to 1701?  

We love the oceanfront vibe, and the ViBe district in particular. 1701 is more than a great place to get some work done, it’s full of creative and interesting new friends (and really good coffee). Some of the connections and ideas that have come out of relationships at 1701 have been invaluable.


What’s your favorite thing about being a member here?  

Member socials.


Describe your perfect day.

 Any day with my family – doing something fun together or just hanging out. Most likely would involve some BBQ.


If you had one superpower, what would it be?

 Idea-snapping. Generating lots of good and creative ideas comes easy. Being able to snap and see how they can become reality in an instant would be amazing!


If Sonos broke (heaven forbid), and 1701 could only play one song for an entire day, what song would you want it to be stuck on?  

Dvorak – New World Symphony, or maybe the Star Wars theme song, or even Pharrell’s Happy. I’m not picky (and we can always put our headphones on!)


If money wasn’t an issue and you know you’d succeed in anything you did, what would you be doing?

Your current job or something else?  Family Fun Xperience would be in production already, with a great theater built right in the heart of the ViBe.


What’s your favorite restaurant in the ViBe District? 

Mary’s, or Java Surf. I hate picking favorites.


What’s one app you use that improves your life and why? 

I recently started using a Pomodoro timer. There’s a bunch out there (I use Focus Keeper) but they help you with focused periods of work and breaks. The rhythm helps me get more work done and let distractions wait till a break.


What’s an interesting fact, tidbit, or quirk (about anything) you like to share with people you meet? 

God loves you.


What’s your favorite beverage? 

Coke Zero, or a good new porter or stout.


Tell us about an amazing place you’ve traveled to. 

Serving some Uzbek kids in the remote mountains of Kyrgyzstan was incredible, but the most amazing place Angie and I have traveled to was honestly Israel. The incredible variety of people from so many faiths, along with the rich history right at your fingertips and under your feet really takes your breath away and gives you a whole new perspective.


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