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1701 is pleased to introduce 1701 Magazine — the first magazine produced in the ViBe Creative District.

Every day, we hear amazing stories from our community. It’s one of the reasons we’re such huge fans of Virginia Beach and our little neighborhood at the Oceanfront. The ViBe is home to many creative businesses, ranging from fine arts to culinary arts, from hand-crafted products to innovative technology startups.

Now we want to share those stories with you! We started 1701 Magazine to share the inside scoop from some of the most inspiring people we know. This pilot issue was a team effort between our staff and several of our 1701 members. We’re pretty excited about it!

Our mission is to foster a collaborative community environment where entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and professionals can connect, grow, and thrive in Virginia Beach.1701 Magazine is a means to share community highlights and business insights to add value to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hampton Roads.

We are currently looking for contributors for the next issue! Do you want to share your passion for productivity, entrepreneurship, startups, fitness, healthy living, coffee, food, or art? If so, please contact us.

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