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1701 Community Highlights

The Key to Effective Content Writing

You’ve got something great to say about your business. You’re the best at communicating what you do!  Make sure your messaging doesn’t get lost or ignored once it’s sent out into the world, where just about everything is screaming for attention. Cut through the clutter and reach your target. The key to effective writing is knowing your audience. So before you put that pen to paper or those fingers to the keyboard, ask who you are writing this message for. Narrowing down your audience [...]

By | April 19th, 2018|1701 Magazine, Business Insights|

National Recognition for Virginia Beach Salesforce Implementation

The Salesforce implementation and adoption at one Virginia Beach company has become a pinnacle of success in the federal government contracting industry. The project was featured at Dreamforce 2017 in San Francisco on November 7 by ADS, Inc.'s IT Delivery Analyst, John Scardino. Scardino shared a story of the transformation of ADS's Salesforce implementation, system architecture and culture in just three years.Port & Starboard co-founders Lisa DeNoia and Jeff Werby led the Salesforce implementation project, which kicked off in December 2013, from start to finish. [...]

By | April 17th, 2018|1701 Magazine, Business Insights|

Recent MFA Graduate Launches New Shop & Gallery Showings

Rebecca McCurdy is a local artist and recent MFA graduate in visual art from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Rebecca is an artist, illustrator, and animator, and she combines digital animation with watercolor and other artistic media. This month, she launched a new Etsy shop as an extension of her website to sell her prints and original pieces. In her shop, Rebecca is offering abstract watercolor paintings, as well as illustrations. She's adding paintings on canvas and other items, such as custom buttons, in [...]

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The Delicate Balance of Work & Family

The beach street buskers return soon! I’m always amazed by performers balancing a soccer ball,  juggling pin, or even a chair on their head. It seems doable by anyone with enough practice and a reasonable sense of balance. Doable, that is, until they move up to bouncing a soccer ball off their knee, while juggling fire batons, sitting upside down in a chair balanced on the shoulders of their family member who is riding a unicycle on a tightrope - then we all applaud [...]

Creating a Community Space

Create a community space. That’s our goal. That sounds simple enough. But wait, what makes a great community space? What does that look like, exactly? Perhaps I answer too simplistically, but my definition goes like this; in a vibrant community space, people are talking. My wife and I pop into a great local coffee shop. It’s a successful shop, a busy shop, chock full of the happily caffeinated. The problem, at least I see it as a problem, is that very few folks are [...]

The ‘F-word’ You Must Use Every Day in Your Career

Let me start this column with the main point front and center. If you’re not willing to employ the “F-word” in business every single day (no exceptions), then you won’t find success. It’s impossible. See, the “F-word” is the secret ingredient that drives projects forward and ensures you will, in time, realize your career goals. By the same token, the “F-word” is the most grueling, painstaking, and demanding aspect of building something special from the ground up. When you wake up in the morning, [...]

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How to Work from a Laptop & Not Break Your Back

Do you feel like you need a full chiropractic adjustment after a day of working from the coffee shop? With a laptop, charger, and wifi, you can work from just about anywhere. Unfortunately, our bodies aren’t designed to do the same. Slouching over a little table at a cafe or sinking into a comfy couch at the library certainly aren’t the most ergonomic options, and if done frequently enough, can cause some pretty serious harm to our bodies. If working on your laptop is [...]

By | April 6th, 2018|1701 Magazine, Health & Fitness|

Spring Adventures for Kids and Kids-At-Heart

The month of April has a lot going for it. Perhaps it’s the warmer weather that puts a pep into everyone’s step, or maybe it’s the days that stretch a little longer for the neighborhood kids to soak in as much daylight as they can. It also could be the moment when you begin planning your backyard vegetable garden, with the soil being prepared for planting of seedlings and seeds. There is a buzz in the air, as Springtime is in full effect, and [...]

By | April 3rd, 2018|1701 Magazine, Arts & Entertainment|

The Mission of Food Freedom

In 2001, two months before 9/11, I swore an oath to protect our country’s freedom. And while I was not a front-line fighter, I quickly grasped the importance of freedom from both training and experience. It’s a paradox when serving in the military because on one front you are fighting for your country’s freedom, and on another front, you lack much of your own personal freedom. You always have to make yourself available on behalf of the mission. I intimately learned that requirement when [...]

By | March 29th, 2018|1701 Magazine, Health & Fitness|
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